Image of Primo Olio 2018 Harvest Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

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Primo Olio 2018 Harvest Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml


Primo Olio is the limited production organic certified extra virgin olive oil from our home farm at Montecastelli. Owner and olive oil maker Jens Schmidt oversees every steps from pruning to bottling himself. This exceptional location surrounding an 11th century hilltop fortress, immersed in the Montagnola Nature Reserve produces a unique and intense oil featured by some of the great chefs around the world.

During the growing season horses and chicken are grazing in the grove to naturally control pests and fertilize the grove at the same time. To further add to the balance of our grove we work with methods developed by Steiner disciples caring for soil health and vitality.

In mid early November the ripe olives were picked by hand, and then packed into small cases so that they are not bruised before pressing. Load by load, the olives are cleaned of extra leaves, avoiding a bitter chlorophyll taste. But most importantly, we process the freshly harvested olives within a few hours after picking them from the trees in our very own mill. We treat olives as fresh fruit and such prevent oxidation of the fruity aromas and the healthy composition of the olives. Once extracted and after a short period of decanting we bottle our oil with a slight filtration to prevent a bottle deposit and take care in every step of transportation (between 8 and 18 degree Celsius) that this oil so rich in polyphenols maintains its full health and vitality.

“Primo Olio” is an elegant Tuscan olive oil, in harmony of controlled spice, vivid fruit and great viscosity. It suits most vegetable dishes with its fennel taste, makes out of a salad an elegant in between course, and is a delight next to a filet of fish. Featured by Marco Canora and Rose Levy Beranbaum in their cookbooks, and used by top chefs across the country including Marco Canora and Gunter Seeger!