Image of Delizia Estense AgroDolce 2 year 250ml

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Delizia Estense AgroDolce 2 year 250ml

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Set amid woods and meadows into the medieval village of Montegibbio, just above Modena, lies Delizia
Estense. Described by many experts as a non pareil of vinegar works, this little complex is a rare dose of modern-minded pragmatism to a craft perennially shrouded by mystique, such as is the production ageing cycle for aceto balsamico tradizionale. One of the first things that gives this producer an advantage over most balsamico producers who buy their grapes and must, is the fact that they only uses grapes from their own five acres of vines, thus avoiding treatments. Harvested at the peak of ripeness, his dark-skinned Lambrusco and the small-berried sweet white Trebbiano di Collina grapes, give the producer a distinctive starting blend. The youngest vinegars are transferred into large barrels that can be made of oak or chestnut for trasformazione. A year later half of that group goes into middle barrels known as laboratorio, then half of that quantity moves on to the four smallest barrels for maturazione. The middle and small barrels range through a random mix of cherry, ash, mulberry, locust and occasionally the strong scented juniper. When the Balsamico reaches the end of the process its average age is more than 12 years.

This is the youngest in a series of vinegars that with age, gain an unbelievable concentration and complexity. As the older vinegars don't always fit the everyday salad dressing, this AgroDolce makes a perfect condiment for fresh vegetables. Due to the unique production process continued by Sante Bertoni, as practiced for centuries in the hills above Modena, this AgroDolce beats most commercial competitors with vinegars that claim 8 years of aging.