Image of Delizia Estense AgroDolce Sauvignon Blanc Vinegar 500ml

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Delizia Estense AgroDolce Sauvignon Blanc Vinegar 500ml

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At the Delizia Estense estate vineyards in Montegibbio, ripe Sauvignon Blanc grapes are harvested and divided in two groups, one designated for regular white wine making and the other to be slowly cooked down to a grape must. After both processes are complete both parts are united again and inserted into used white vinegar barriques. These barriques already contain a small amount of vinegar from the previous batch and initiate the vinegar fermentation on the newly inserted volume. Barriques remain open, just covered with a cloth. After acidic fermentation is complete this juice spends time in the barrel (Chestnut and Oak), before it is lightly filtered and bottled, for a total ageing time of approximately one year. The main key is not to start fermentation of new, or on a mother, but that it is started by a liquid solution in which the necessary bacteria are still active.

What makes this Sauvignon Blanc vinegar special besides its aromatics, is its lower acidity, only 6%, same as balsamico! This white vinegar is also considered a balsamico because it is produced in the same way a dark balsamico would be produced.

This Sauvignon Blanc vinegar is delicate, subtly sweet, tangy, very well balanced and incredibly delicious. It's a favorite in some of the top kitchens in New York City.