Image of Acetaia Guerzoni - 'Condimento Mela' Apple Vinegar Condiment 250ml, Demeter Certified

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Acetaia Guerzoni - 'Condimento Mela' Apple Vinegar Condiment 250ml, Demeter Certified


Acetaia Guerzoni has been part of the Guerzoni family for three generations, and were one of the first
BIO certified companies in all of Italy over 25 years ago. They have been applying organic and biodynamic principles on their family farm since the 70’s when organic farming was considered crazy and certification
in Italy did not yet exist. Theirs is quite a unique story, with beautiful results to show for their efforts.

A unique apple vinegar is produced by Guerzoni where the deliciousness of apples meet the tradition of the Balsamic vinegar. The organic apples used to make the vinegar come not from the family farm but instead from Trentino Alto Adige, the best Italian region for apple cultivation. Once received by the estate, the apples are pressed and two juices are made; an apple cider and a grape must which acts as an acidic concentrate to keep the best properties of the apples in tact during the production process. The juices are then left to rest producing a vinegar with great freshness, a balanced sweetness and lots of powerful health benefits.